Enz Standard Cleaning Nozzles

Made of wear-resistant, hardened steel, provided with front jet insert and blind plug (interchangeable). Angle of jet backwards, sturdy wall thickness, long service life and a minimum of wear and tear.

Current Stock:

Standard: Appropriate for removal of sludge deposits and cloggings.

Grenade-Bombs: For removal of loose rubble stone, gravel and soft deposits. 

Drainage Channel: Cleaning of channels with gutters, flushing out of debris, gravel, leaves, straw, etc. 

Pointed: Penetrating of completely clogged pipes, opening of interlaced roots and frozen pipelines, flushing out at hydraulic thrust boring. 

Flounder: Appropriate for removing mud and loose rubble in flat pipes and channels, e.g. run-off gutters. 

Scrapers: The low and compact construction allows various uses in heavily polluted pipes. 

Ejectors: For enormous flushing capacity

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