Enz Rotating Cleaning Nozzles

The radial rotating nozzles enz® are equipped with 4 radial jets of 75° for the pipe cleaning and 3 thrust jets for the advance which at the same time flush away the loosened residues. As a result, pipe ducts of all kinds, even with vertical borings etc., will be cleaned.

Current Stock:

RGS Radial: Cleaning of drain pipes, lateral pipes and removal of solid deposits.

KBR Combination: To remove organic deposits, to clean heat exchangers and fat deposits. 

Bulldog Recycling: Allrounder, for operation with recycling water and fresh water. 

Bulldog Antiblast: Cleaning sewer lines near home, no pressure equalisation through stench traps or toilets. 

Rotopuls Vibration: To remove middle-hard deposits in pipes of plastic, steel or conrete.

Propeller: For cleaning large channels. 

Gliding: For special applications with small water volumes.

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